Xiaomi Pad 5 not Charging-Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Being a Xiaomi user, I have faced different functional issues. One common problem is Xiaomi Pad 5 not charging. This can be caused by faulty charging accessories.

Likewise, the battery can also be defective. However, some software-related matters also hinder charging. Indeed, the root cause cannot be identified at a glance.

Therefore, we need to try all the potential solutions. In this guide, I will list only the best troubleshooting tricks that worked for my Pad.

Tip#1. Look for Charging Signs

The first and foremost step is to look for the charging signs. Observe the screen of your device. Does it show any charging or battery icon?

If yes, the current is flowing through the internal circuit. Sometimes, the device pretends that it is charging. But, it has no power even after many hours.

Tip#2. Connect to a Computer

Tablets and smartphones can be charged via your PC. So, check your Xiaomi by connecting to a PC. You need to use the original charging cable.

Plug the compatible end of the cable into the computer. Does your computer detect Pad 5? Does the device show any charging signs?

If yes, the charging cable and port are fine. However, the problem may be with the adapter.

Xiaomi Pad 5 not Charging

Tip#3. Check Power Source

The power outlet may be defective. It happens in many cases that we blame the device. But, indeed the outlet is faulty. Hence, plug your device into a different power outlet.

Make sure the source has enough current. It is better to check the power source through another device. For example, you can power up a light bulb or smartphone with the same outlet.

Tip#4. Inspect the Port

The charging port on your Pad 5 may be loose or broken. That’s why the cable cannot connect firmly. While you plug the cable into the port, ensure it is not jiggling.

Moreover, the port may be corroded due to water damage. You should repair or replace the port if it is defective.

Tip#5. Try A Different Charger

Generally, a USB cable is used to power up your device. You should use the original cable and adapter provided with your Pad 5.

However, for the time being, you can try a different cable and adapter. It will help you detect whether the cable or adapter is defective. So, by replacing the faulty accessory, you can fix the issue.

Tip#6. Check the Battery

Your device will not charge if its battery is completely drained out. It will require some extra time to power up. Surely, you have checked the charger, cable, and port.

If all are fine, the battery is problematic. So, let the tablet charge for 1-24 hours. It may not show power signs immediately.

Tip#7. Contact Xiaomi

As I mentioned, you must check all the accessories. Inspect the charger, adapter, ports, battery, and power outlet. If nothing can charge your tablet, you must contact Xiaomi.

The manufacturer can diagnose and repair the problem. The repair will be free if your Pad 5 is under warranty. Otherwise, you can also consult a nearby certified technician.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Xiaomi Pad 5

Here are some important and frequently asked questions. Go through them for more information.

Can Xiaomi Pad 5 be charged wirelessly?

Pad 5 does not support wireless charging. It charges via the traditional method. You need the provided adapter and USB charging cable for powering up your device.

Is Xiaomi Pad 5 worth buying?

Pad 5 is a budget-friendly option. Indeed, it carries great value for the money. Moreover, the users are satisfied with its software and hardware performance. It is an Android tablet with an excellent display and great speakers.

What software version and apps does Xiaomi Pad 5 have?

Xiaomi Pad 5 runs Android 11 and MIUI 13 versions specialized for tablets. This software version is fast and responsive. The tablet also has Google apps, Netflix, and some other built-in apps.

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Concluding Remarks

Don’t worry if your Xiaomi Pad 5 is not charging. A few troubleshooting tips can fix your device. You just need to apply all the tricks patiently. Do not forget to tell us which solution worked for you.

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