Why Motorola Tablet is Not Charging-8 Quick Solutions

Motorola tablet not charging is a commonly reported issue. Many users have faced this problem. However, it can be fixed at home. You just need to try a few troubleshooting tricks.

I have found these solutions through comprehensive research. So, I recommend trying these hacks before going to a repair store. Because we should learn to fix trivial issues ourselves.

1. The charging Cable is Frayed Out

The charging cable of your tablet may be broken or frayed out. Therefore, it cannot deliver current. So, you should inspect the cable along its entire length.

Look for any damaged or exposed areas. Moreover, the cable connector may be loose. Try a different cable. The problem can be solved by using a new wire.

2. The power Source is Faulty

The power outlet can be faulty. Your device is not receiving enough current. Make sure the power source is working fine.

Check it by plugging a different device into the same socket. I would recommend charging your Motorola through a different electric wall outlet.

3. The charging Port is Broken

Examine the charging port of your tablet. Maybe it is broken or faulty. Plug the cable connector firmly. If it is jiggling, the port is the culprit. Hence, get the port repaired or replaced.

Likewise, the port can be too dirty to fit the charger properly. Hence, clean it and remove all the debris with a toothpick or cotton swab. Then, blow the dirt with your mouth.

Motorola Tablet is Not Charging

4. Charger is Incompatible

You should always use the original charger for your tablet. This rule applies to all devices. Motorola Xoom comes with a dock while others have cables and adapters.

Use the charger that came with the device. Incompatible or third-party accessories cause charging issues. In extreme cases, the battery can be damaged. So, make sure your Motorola charger is genuine.

5. Battery Needs Calibration

Resetting or recalibrating the battery can also fix the problem. Here is how you do it;

  1. Press and hold the “Power” button on your Motorola tablet.
  2. Release the button when the device reboots or restarts.
  3. Another way to restart is by holding down the Power and Volume UP button for 20 seconds.
  4. Now, plug the charger both into the device and the power source.
  5. Let the device charge to 100% and then leave it plugged in for an hour.
  6. This trick will calibrate the battery.

6. Troubleshoot via Computer

I found a very helpful trick to solve this issue. I personally tested this trick and now sharing it with you. Troubleshoot your tablet through your computer.

  1. First of all, connect the charger to your tablet.
  2. Then, take a USB cable and connect it to your Motorola.
  3. Plug the other end of the USB cable into your computer, PC, or laptop.
  4. Make sure the PC is turned ON and not in sleep mode.
  5. Both the charging cable and the USB wire should be connected to the tablet at the same time.
  6. The device will start charging.

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7. Factory Reset Your Motorola Tablet

First, try all the above-mentioned solutions. If nothing works, try a factory reset. But, remember it will delete all the data on your device.

So, create a backup before restoring. However, a factory reset can remove all the software bugs. Here is the process;

  1. Create an account on Google Drive. Back up your stored information and data.
  2. Go to “Settings” on your tablet.
  3. Then navigate to “System”. Choose “Recovery Options” and then “Erase All Data”.

8. Contact Motorola

Charging issue is very common in smart devices. However, you can fix it easily. But, sometimes, every solution fails to work. This refers to some hardware issues.

For example, the battery of your tablet may be damaged or dead. I would recommend contacting Motorola. Explain your problem and ask for a repair. If the device is under warranty, the repair would be free of cost.

FAQs About Motorola Tablets

Here are some important and frequently asked questions. Go through them for more information.

Can I charge Motorola Xoom via USB?

Motorola Xoom tablet does not support USB charging. Although it is equipped with a USB port yet it is used only for data transfer. The device is charged wirelessly.

Is a Motorola tablet worth buying?

Motorola introduced tablets in 2011. Initially, the tabs have a few basic features. But, the latest models have excellent performance, decent display, good speakers, and elegant designs. The price is also reasonable.

How to charge Motorola wirelessly?

Motorola tablets and smartphones are compatible with Qi wireless chargers and Aircharge. This facility is also found in public places and vehicles. Just place your device correctly on the charging dock and it will start getting charged.

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Final Thoughts

My guide has listed 8 solutions. Try them correctly to fix your Motorola tablet not charging issue. Please, double-check all the accessories like cable and adapter. Go to a repair store or contact Motorola. Hopefully, your device is working now.

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