Tablet is Connected But no Internet Access-100% Working Solutions

I faced a very annoying issue recently. My tablet+laptop behaved weirdly. The screen showed that it is connected but had no internet access. So, I could not browse anything.

This was a strange thing for me. However, I decided to resolve the problem. Therefore, I applied some self-devised tricks. Moreover, I also consulted my friends for suggestions.

Fortunately, a series of troubleshooting steps worked. I suggest you follow this guide if your Android tablet has the same issue.

1. Basic Reasons and Measures

There is no certain cause of internet disconnection. However, we can try a few things. Before proceeding to the complex solutions, we have to check a few basic things.

  • Disconnect Wifi from your device. Turn OFF Wifi browsing. Wait a few seconds and connect again.
  • Make sure you are entering the correct password to connect to the internet.
  • Check for firmware updates on your Wifi router. Install the latest software update. Then, restart the device and connect again.
  • Sometimes, the issue is related to some specific website. All other sites work on your tab, but a certain website bothers. It may be blocked in your locality or office.
  • Check your monthly data plan. Maybe it is expired and you do not remember. It often happens to me that I forget the expiry of my monthly data plan. So, check and recharge the new plan.
  • Make sure your Wifi router is connected to power and is turned ON.
  • Does your tablet has a SIM card? Turn OFF your mobile data. The tab may be using the SIM data by passing the Wifi.
  • Are you connecting to a Captive Portal Wifi network? It is a public network such as at airports, bus stations, offices, or hotels. So, you have to log in to the internet by following some extra tasks.
  • It has special terms of usage and can require your email, phone number, password, or watching ads.
  • Check the time and date settings on your device. The wrong setting can lead to internet access issues. Tap the clock icon and apply “Automatic Time & Date.”
  • Check the connection cable to your modem. Someone may have damaged or broken it accidentally.

Tablet is Connected But No Internet Access

2. Test the Router

Most probably, the issue has arisen from your internet router. Its network signals are weak. Connect other devices such as a smartphone to the same Wifi router.

Check the internet speed and efficiency on other devices. In this way, you can diagnose that either the tab or the router is the culprit.

3. Initialize the Connection

A very simple hack is to initialize your connection. Forget your current Wifi network from your tab. Then, reconnect it after some time.

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your tablet. Go to “Network and Internet”.
  2. Choose Wifi and then your home network. Click the “Forget” tab.
  3. Restart your tab by turning it OFF and ON again.
  4. Now, turn ON Wifi and connect again by entering the password.

4. Change Your Wifi Password

It is a crazy hack but it works. In my case, it worked 100%. Log in to your Wifi router. Go to the admin dashboard. Select “Password” and then change the password.

Choose a simple but unbreakable code. Try to use the numbers only. Now, restart your modem and connect again.

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5. Reset Your Wifi Modem

It is also an effective method to solve the issue. Reboot, restart, or reset your router. You can reboot it by turning it OFF for 30 seconds. Turn the modem ON and connect again.

Reboot the device from the admin page by going to “Advanced Settings”. Likewise, you can reset it. Some router devices have a dedicated reset button. While others can be reset through the admin page.

If your device has a SIM card, remove it and then reinsert it after a couple of minutes. Kindly read the user manual to confirm the right way.

6. Reset Your Tablet’s Network Settings

If nothing has worked, reset the network setting of your tab. This will solve the connectivity issue. Here is how to do it;

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your tablet.
  2. Go to the “Reset” tab and click the “Reset Wifi, mobile & Bluetooth” option. The option may differ across various Android tabs.
  3. Hit the “Reset Settings” button at the bottom.
  4. Restart your device and connect to the internet again.

7. Change DNS Server

The domain server of your internet is problematic. It translates the website link into an IP address. So, switch to a different DNS as follows;

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your tablet.
  2. Go to “Network & Internet” and then click “Private DNS”.
  3. Change it to “Private DNS Provider Hostname”.
  4. Enter “dns. google” in the hostname field to switch to Google DNS.
  5. Alternatively, switch to Cloudflare DNS. Enter “” or “”. Hit the “Save” button.

8. Enable MAC Address Randomization

Another technical way to fix the issue is to enable MAC address randomization. It changes the MAC Address each time you connect to the internet. Here is how to do it;

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your tablet.
  2. Click the “About Phone” option. Tap “Build Number” 7 times. This will enable the “Developer Options”.
  3. Go back to the main Settings and then choose “System”.
  4. Click the “Developer Options”. Then, enable “Wifi Non-persistent MAC Randomization”.
  5. Finally, check the internet connectivity.

9. Contact Your Service Provider

Sometimes, the problem is related to the internet service provider. The network is down in your locality due to some genuine reason. Ask your neighbors who use the same Wifi. Call your ISP to know the cause.

FAQs Regarding Tablets

Do you have further queries about tablets and network connectivity? The following common questions will help you in this regard.

Why my Acer tablet is not connecting to Wifi?

There may be some issues in the wireless network or connection parameters. Therefore, your Acer tablet is not connecting to Wifi. You should check and change some settings. Follow this guide as it is applicable to all Android tablets including Acer.

Can a tablet be used in place of a smartphone?

Yes, a tablet can fully function as a smartphone. It has a SIM card slot for cellular connectivity via calls and messages. Moreover, it connects to the Wifi network. So, you can stream and download media.

What are the disadvantages of a tablet for young kids?

Health risks such as eye strain and headaches are the biggest disadvantage of a tab. Moreover, cyberbullying and harassment are other risks. Browsing inappropriate content and sharing personal information are also drawbacks of a tablet for young kids.

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Final Thoughts

This guide is applicable to all Android tablets. If your tablet is connected to Wifi but has no internet access, follow my guide. Apply all the troubleshooting tricks to fix the problem. Looking forward to your response.

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