Surface Book Battery 1 Not Charging-Troubleshooting Guide

Microsoft Surface Book has dual batteries. Battery 1 provides power in tablet mode and the second in laptop mode. Some users complain that their battery 1 is not charging.

The situation can reverse sometimes and the other powerhouse stops charging. However, do not worry. We can resolve this issue with a little effort. This guide will suggest the most effective troubleshooting hacks.

I have searched and tried all these solutions. They worked perfectly. Therefore, I am sharing this so that you can fix the device at home. Some people rush to buy a new device as they do not find the best guide.

Tip#1. Ensure Adequate Power

The power supply is insufficient. Therefore, your device is not charging. So, plug it into a different power outlet or strip. Test the electrical outlet by connecting a bulb, lamp, or mobile device.

Reset the circuit breaker and surge protector. The LED indicator on the charger should be turned ON if it is receiving adequate power.

Surface Book Battery 1 Not Charging

Tip#2. Check Cable and Adapter

The charging cable and the AC adapter may be faulty. Remove the cable from the adapter. Plug in a different device and see if it charges. Likewise, test the power cable.

It should not be damaged or exposed. Try a different power cable to charge your device. Moreover, make sure you are using the original charging tools given with your Surface Book.

Tip#3. Clean the Device

Dust build-up is one of the major causes of charging issues. Since the ports are exposed, they can easily gather dirt. So, clean the port with a new toothbrush or Q-tip. Loosen and remove all the debris.

Also, examine the connectors if they are loose or chewed out. The Surface charger can be plugged in 2 ways. Plug the charger both ways to see the difference.

Tip#4. Identify the Issue via Indicators

Does your Surface Book have LED indicators? The light pattern can help identify the root cause. If the light is OFF, your device is getting no power. Blinking light refers to the inadequate power supply.

While a solid indicator tells that everything is fine and the power supply is sufficient. So, observe the LED when you connect the charger. Then, fix the issue accordingly.

Tip#5. Reinstall Battery Drivers

One effective solution is to uninstall the battery drivers. Surface Book also works as a laptop. So, here is how to do it;

  1. Go to the “Control Panel” on your Surface. Then, open the “Device Manager” section.
  2. Choose “Bluetooth” and expand the menu.
  3. Right-click the battery drivers available.
  4. Hit the “Uninstall Device” button. Restart your device and the drivers will reinstall automatically.

Tip#6. Diagnose Hardware Issues

Your computer has an automatic diagnostic system. By running it, you can detect the problem. Follow these steps;

  1. Access the search box in the bottom left corner of your device.
  2. Type “CMD” in the search bar and click the “Command Prompt” button.
  3. In the new window, enter “powercfg/batteryreport”. Press the “Enter” button.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to view the battery report. It will tell you the main issue and you can resolve it accordingly.

Tip#7. Upgrade Your Surface Book

Outdated software or corrupted data files also cause such issues. Downloading the latest software version will resolve such issues. Because updates come with malware fixes. So, follow these instructions to upgrade your device;

  1. On your Surface Book, open this link. It will lead to the official update page.
  2. Click the “Download Now” button.
  3. Choose “Next and Upgrade this PC”.
  4. Download the updated files and complete the process.
  5. Finally, restart your PC and charge it.

Tip#8. Replace the Battery

Is your Surface Book more than 3 years old? If yes, it is time to replace the battery. Battery 1 may have expired or lived its natural life.

Therefore, software troubleshooting cannot help. You can purchase a new battery from Amazon. Alternatively, go to the Microsoft repair store for a replacement.

Watch this video for the complete replacement process. If you are not confident, contact Microsoft’s official support for technical assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Surface Book

Read the following common queries frequently asked by the users. They will help you fix other related issues.

Can I charge my Microsoft Surface without a charger?

A charging cable and adapter are required to charge your laptop. If you do not have original accessories, use third-party charger. For example, you can use the charger of another PC temporarily. There is no other method to power up Surface.

How to charge Microsoft Surface Pen?

There are multiple ways to charge the Surface Pen. The method depends on the model of the Pen. You can charge Surface Slim by placing it on the cradle that is powered up directly. While other models use replaceable AAAA batteries.

Does Microsoft Surface Book have dual batteries?

Yes, Surface Book has two batteries. Battery 1 is in the main body of the tablet. While battery 2 is in the keyboard. Generally, battery 1 works in tablet mode. In laptop mode, both batteries work together.

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Final Thoughts

There are multiple solutions to fix your Surface Book battery 1 not charging issues. Make sure to try all the above-mentioned solutions. Moreover, double-check all the functions and accessories. Hopefully, your device is working well now.

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