My Acer Tablet Not Charging-Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Is your Acer tablet not charging? Do not worry, this issue is not uncommon. Almost all users including me have to face it. Therefore, you should learn to solve the problem. It is not a grave matter and can be fixed easily.

You just need to follow some basic troubleshooting steps and checks. I would tell you some very useful and effective workarounds. Whenever I applied these tricks, they never failed. So, you should follow with patience.

1. Is Your Connection Strong?

First of all, you have to check the connections. Plug the charging adapter firmly into the electric power outlet. Likewise, check the connection with your tab. The cable should be firmly plugged into the tablet. It should not be jiggling around.

2. Is the Charger Compatible?

I always recommend using the original accessories. Make sure you are using the genuine Acer charger provided with your device. Because third-party accessories lead to such issues.

So, compatibility is necessary to solve the problem. It should support the required voltage. Try a different Acer charger and USB cable if possible.

My Acer Tablet Not Charging

3. Is the Power Supply Adequate?

An inadequate power supply is another reason. The electric outlet or socket may be faulty. So, it cannot deliver the required voltage.

Connect your tab to a different but working electric outlet in the house. Likewise, do not use extension cables. Instead, connect the device directly.

4. Charge via Your Computer

Instead of the electric outlet, try powering up your Acer via computer. Plug the compatible end of the USB cable into your PC. Turn the PC ON and keep it active. Check if the tablet starts charging or not. This is a diagnostic test for the hardware of your device.

5. Is Battery Drained Out Completely?

The battery of your Acer tablet may be drained out completely. Therefore, it requires some extra time to start up. Hence, let your device charge for 30-60 minutes.

But, avoid using it during charging. In some cases, it may take more time. Keep it connected for 24 hours.

6. Reset Your Acer Tablet

A simple reset is a very effective trick. It removes software bugs that may be interfering with the normal functioning of the device. Here is how you reset Acer;

  1. Hold down the “Power” button until the Acer logo appears on the screen.
  2. Different options will show on the display and the tab will enter recovery mode.
  3. Choose the “reset” option and let the device restart.
  4. Also, check and install the latest software update in the Settings menu.

7. The charging Port is Blocked

Since the port is open, it can catch dirt. Over time, dust builds up and transforms into debris. Resultantly, the port is blocked and cannot fit the charger. Thus, you have to do a clean up.

Take a cotton swab or a small and soft brush. Clean the port and remove all the debris. Blow out the remaining dirt with your mouth. Now, try charging the device again. Avoid using any sharp tool for cleaning.

8. The charging Port is Broken

A broken charging port is one of the most common causes. It happens when you carelessly pull out and plug in the charger. Always be gentle with the port to avoid any damage.

Inside the port, there are hooks, pins, and sensors. They are very delicate. A slipped or bent pin fails the entire charging system.

Similarly, water contact can rust the internal components. You can inspect it via a flashlight. The only solution is to replace the port.

9. The battery or Hardware is Defective

Have you checked all the accessories? Everything is fine but still, the tablet is not charging. Unfortunately, it indicates a defective battery or hardware.

You may have accidentally dropped the device on the hard floor. Hence, the mainboard, battery, or other hardware parts have been damaged.

10. Consult A Technician or Acer

In case of a hardware defect, you should consult a professional technician. The fault is maybe built-in. In this case, you must contact Acer.

Because you will get a free repair or replacement if the product has not exceeded the warranty period.

Otherwise, seek assistance from a nearby technician. An expert can diagnose and repair hardware problems. Most probably, the battery needs to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Acer Tablet

If you want to learn more, read the following frequently asked questions.

What to do if my Acer tablet is not turning ON?

Generally, a dead battery causes this issue. Leave your tab plugged in for a long time. After that, hold down the Power button for 30 seconds. It will force restart your device and it should start working normally.

Why my Acer tablet has a black screen of death?

The most common reason is corrupted or poorly installed drivers. Connect the tab to a computer via a USB cable. Try installing the software update or drivers. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the graphic card driver.

How to enable tablet on mode on Acer?

Acer devices can work both in tablet and laptop mode. In tablet mode, Windows 10 becomes touch-friendly. Open “Action Center” from the taskbar. Next, choose “Tablet Mode” to disable or enable it. Now, the tab can be used as a laptop.

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Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned solutions are very effective. I have found them after thorough research. Hopefully, your Acer tablet is now charging. Ask us in the comment section if you need further help.

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