Guide to Lenovo Yoga 730 Touch Screen Not Working

Lenovo makes popular tablets and laptops. I have been using their devices for some time. It was working well. But, suddenly the touch screen of my Lenovo Yoga 730 stopped working.

Although the device can be used via mouse and keyboard yet touch is a convenient way. So, you should get it working again.

I have devised a few methods to troubleshoot the device. I will share all these solutions for your benefit.

1. Restart Your Lenovo

A simple restart is a quick solution to resolve a number of problems. Here is how to do it;

  1. Click the Window icon on the bottom left corner of the screen using the mouse. You can also press the Window button.
  2. This will open the main menu. Click the Power icon and then choose “Restart”.
  3. Once the device has restarted, check the screen function again.
  4. You can try the restart multiple times if it does not help on the first attempt.

2. Enable the Touchscreen

The touchscreen may be disabled. Therefore, it is not working. Here is how to enable it;

  1. Go to the “Device Manager” by pressing the Window or Start button.
  2. Next, choose the “Human Interface Devices” tab.
  3. You may see a red or yellow cross next to the HID.
  4. Right-click the red cross and enable the touchscreen. Yellow marks refer to outdated drivers.
  5. If no mark is displayed then follow the next step.
  6. Right-click the HID entry and then choose “Properties”.
  7. Next, go to the “general” tab. check the Device Status, it should say, “This device is working properly”.
  8. Disable the touchscreen and re-enable it. Hopefully, this will resolve the problem.

Lenovo Yoga 730 Touch Screen Not Working

3. Disconnect Peripherals

In some cases, the problem is not related to the device itself. Instead, external accessories are the culprit.

Some peripheral devices attached to your Lenovo 730 may have glitches. So, you should disconnect all the external devices. Disconnect the devices one by one.

Then, observe what particular device resolves the matter. You then need to troubleshoot the problematic peripheral.

4. Scan Your Lenovo System

You can run an SFC scan. It will help diagnose the root cause. The built-in scan will highlight the issue. So, you can resolve it accordingly. Here is the process;

  1. Go to the “Start” menu. The search box is on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Type “Command” in the search box. Navigate to the “Command Prompt” and right-click it.
  3. Next, choose “Run as administrator”. Type “SFC/Scannow’ and then press the “Enter” button.
  4. Once the scanning is complete, restart your device.
  5. Troubleshoot the device according to the report.

5. Update the System

Updating the system is necessary. You may not have updated the latest software version. That’s why the touch screen is not working. Here is how you do it;

Method 1

  1. Open the Lenovo Vantage app on your laptop.
  2. Click the “System Update” tab.
  3. Choose the “Check for Updates” option.
  4. Install your required or all the updates.
  5. Look for any corrupted drivers in the Device Manager section.
  6. An exclamation mark (!) next to the driver shows it is corrupted. Uninstall or delete the driver.

Method 2

Instead of updating the system manually, you can do it automatically.

One software is “Restoro PC repair tool”. The other is Driver Easy. You can download either software on your Lenovo 730. I personally prefer Driver Easy.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup process. Check and install all the drivers. You can avail of both free and paid versions of Driver Easy.

If it fails to install, the app mentions the driver’s name. So, you should note the version number. Then, download the Wacom driver from this website.

6. Update Touchscreen Driver

You should also check the drivers and updates for the touchscreen. Here are the steps;

  1. Right-click the “Start/Windows” button. It will open the Device Manager window.
  2. Navigate to the “Human Interface Devices”. Tap the arrow button next to the HID.
  3. Next, check if there are any HID-compliant touchscreen drivers.
  4. Right-click the driver to update it. Then, restart your Lenovo device.

7. Re-install Drivers

Another trick is to uninstall and then reinstall the touchscreen drivers. Follow these steps;

  1. Click the Start or Windows button. Go to the “Device Manager”.
  2. Find the Touchscreen drivers. Uninstall the drivers.
  3. Then, restart your laptop. The system will automatically reinstall the drivers once it restarts.
  4. Also, restart your device into safe mode. It can also solve the issue.

8. Run Hardware Troubleshooter

Running the hardware troubleshooter is another way to diagnose the issue. Sometimes, the problem is hardware-related.

Some component is damaged or started malfunctioning. It is difficult to detect it. Therefore, you have to run the troubleshooter;

  1. Go to the Windows search box. Type “Control” and choose “Control Panel”.
  2. Tap the “View By” icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the arrow icon to expand the drop-down menu.
  4. Select “Large Icons” and then “Troubleshooting”.
  5. On the left pane, click the “View All” option.
  6. Select “Hardware and Devices” and click the “Next” button.
  7. The diagnosis report will appear after some moments.
  8. Now, you can repair the system accordingly.

9. Contact Lenovo Support

The above-mentioned troubleshooting steps should fix your issue. However, if the problem still exists, you should contact Lenovo support.

Explain the problem and ask for a solution. The manufacturer may replace or repair the keyboard if it is under warranty.

Otherwise, you can send it for repair. Alternatively, you can contact a nearby technician to get your device fixed.

FAQs About Lenovo Yoga

Here are some important frequently asked questions to help you further.

How to reset a Lenovo touchscreen laptop?

Turn it OFF and shut down your laptop completely. Press the Novo button located on the left side near the Power button. The device will turn ON showing the menu on the screen. Choose “System Recovery” and then press “Enter”. Use arrow keys to navigate.

How does a touch screen work?

Most devices use a capacitive touchscreen. It has sensors and responds to electrical conductors such as your finger. An electrical charge is generated in response to your touch. So, the screen responds immediately.

Why the screen of my Lenovo Yoga is flickering?

Lenovo touchscreen devices can detect light in their surroundings. So, the screen brightness changes automatically. Boot your laptop in BIOS and turn OFF the function. This will stop the flickering or glitching.

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Concluding Remarks

It is not a big issue to fix Lenovo Yoga 730 non-working touchscreen. With a little effort, you can troubleshoot it. Surely, my article will prove a very helpful guide for you.

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