How to Set SD Card as Default Storage on Samsung Tablet

Memory card is a great way to extend your device storage. You can set the SD card as default storage on your Samsung tablet. It will let you download games, apps, and videos. So, you can get all the benefits from your device.

Most people complain that their device storage is full. They cannot download new apps and games. Memory card solves this problem.

Samsung Tablets support up to 128GB storage card. This article will explain each and every step. So, follow this guide till the last word.

Step#1. Mount the SD Card

First of all, you have to mount the SD card to your device. If the card is already inserted then skip this step. Otherwise, follow these instructions;

  1. Insert the SIM removal tool into the hole on the top of the device.
  2. The SIM card tray will eject.
  3. Place the card in the tray.
  4. Be sure to fit and place the card correctly.
  5. Then push and close the tray.

How to Set SD Card as Default Storage on Samsung Tablet

Step#2. Backup Your Data

Before you convert the card, back up your data. Because converting it to internal storage will delete all the data. Therefore, you should create a backup first.

If you start with a blank card, backup is not required. The card will be formatted and encoded. The card data will only be readable by your tablet.

Step#3. Set SD Card as Default Storage

Here, I will explain step by step how to set the SD card as the default storage device on your tablet;

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your Samsung tablet.
  2. Choose “Storage Settings” and then “SD Card”.
  3. Click the 3 dots to open the “Menu”.
  4. Select “Storage” and then tap “Format as Internal”.
  5. Next, click the “Format SD Card” option.
  6. Tap “Move Content” and then click the “Done” button.

Step#4. Reboot Your Samsung Tablet

Finally, reboot your tablet to apply the changes. Otherwise, it will not work properly. Simply restart the device. Press and hold the “Power” button until the menu appears.

Select the “Power OFF” option to turn OFF the device. Wait for 30 seconds. Then, press the “Power” button again to turn it ON.

Why I Cannot Set SD Card as Default Storage?

Sometimes, you cannot find the required option. Your tablet may say “your device does not support using SD cards as internal storage”.

It means you cannot set the memory card as the default storage. This option may be disabled by the manufacturer.

The solution is to free up the space in the internal storage. Then, download the compatible files into the SD card and others in the internal storage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Tablet

If you want to learn more about tablets and memory cards, read the following frequently asked questions.

Can I recover the deleted SD card data?

By using some apps, you can recover the deleted SD card data. DiskDigger is the best app for recovering lost data. Download this app on your tablet and recover the files.

How to move files to an SD card from internal storage?

Go to the Files or File Manager on your Samsung tablet. Search for the file you want to move. Long press to select the file. Tap the 3 dots to open the “Menu”. Next, click “Move To” and then “Internal Storage”.

How to free up space on my Samsung tablet?

Swipe up or down from the home screen of your device. Go to “Settings” and then “Device Care”. Choose “Storage” and then “Clean Now”. Clear the cache memory, not the other files.

Why my device storage is still full after freeing up space?

It is because you have downloaded too many apps, videos, or games. You need to clear the cache memory of your device. If still, the storage is full, delete the extra apps, games, and videos.

How can I delete extra apps from my Samsung tablet?

Long press on the app icon. Choose the “remove” option from the list. Another way is, to go to the “Google Play Store” app. Tap the “Profile” icon at the top right corner. Click “Manage Apps & Devices”. Click the app and then “Uninstall”.

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Final Thoughts

So, this was the whole process to set the SD card as the default storage on your Samsung tablet. I explained the process step by step. Follow the instructions correctly. Ask us in the comment section if you have further queries.

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