Why Motorola Tablet is Not Charging-8 Quick Solutions

Motorola Tablet is Not Charging

Motorola tablet not charging is a commonly reported issue. Many users have faced this problem. However, it can be fixed at home. You just need to try a few troubleshooting tricks. I have found these solutions through comprehensive research. So, …

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Guide to Lenovo Yoga 730 Touch Screen Not Working

Lenovo Yoga 730 Touch Screen Not Working

Lenovo makes popular tablets and laptops. I have been using their devices for some time. It was working well. But, suddenly the touch screen of my Lenovo Yoga 730 stopped working. Although the device can be used via mouse and …

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Xiaomi Pad 5 Keyboard Not Working-Easy Fixes

Xiaomi Pad 5 Keyboard Not Working

Xiaomi Pad 5 with a keyboard and smart pen is a good alternative for iPad. The combo works smoothly. However, sometimes, the keyboard stop working. In some cases, the whole keyboard fails to work. While in other cases, only certain …

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